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بروتوكول مشترك بين الجمعية ووزارة الصحة لتدريب أطباء وزارة الصحة

تشكلت لجنة برئاسة أ.د. محمد عيسى رئيس الجمعية و عضوية كل من:

– أ.د. محمد الجمال

– أ.د. عادل الفلاح

– أ.د. مصطفى شمعة

لمقابلة وزير الصحة و الاتفاق على:

1-    انشاء  بروتوكول مشترك بين الجمعية ووزارة الصحة لتدريب أطباء وزارة الصحة في الجامعات المصرية

2-    تدعيم وزارة الصحة لأطباءها للاشتراك في

(American Board Review Course )

محضر الجمعية العمومية 2012

محضر اجتماع الجمعية العمومية العادية لعام 2012

محضر مجلس الإدارة رقم (1) لسنة 2012


In conjunction with and mutual agreement withUROPRACTICE, online free endoscopic and laparoscopic videos, case presentations and imaging, are at your fingertip to surf starting 7th of January 2012.

Go to main icon [EDUCATION AND MEETINGS] and click subicon [ONLINE VIDEO LIBRARY].

YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER to benefit from this service !!!

Register now from the front page of the website and benefit.

Dr Ismail Osman Abdelhafeez
Executive web director


Dear Urologists, members and visitors, the “DREAM” to have a modern online administration for all activities of the Egyptian Urological Association (EUA®), is now a “REALITY”. The OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE EGYPTIAN UROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (EUA®) is now launched.

You are welcomed to log in through the following links: , , ,

Our goal is to submit the service to reach the “FINGER TIP” of each urologist, rather than to wait for him to reach us.

All services may be reached through the EUA WEBSITE: Local Training Courses, Workshops, Subspecialty Sections Activities, Annual Scientific Meetings of Urology Departments all over Egypt, the Annual Congress of the EUA®, as well as supplying information about the International Urological Activities.

All financial issues (membership annual dues, subscription to all activities, urological field pharmaceutical and medical technology firms) shall be settled online via web-secured system managed by the National Bank of Egypt and Visa International, allowing safe transactions of any currency, whether for paying or refunding. Credit cards as well as simple prepaid online cards which do not need any bank account, just to be loaded by the value needed for transaction in local currency.

Bank drafts and money transfers (telegraphic transfers) are also available as an option directly to the account of the Egyptian Urological Association (EUA®), [ الجمعية الطبية المصرية لجراحى المسالك البولية والتناسلية ] in the National Bank of Egypt. Its branch network is spread all over Egypt in all currencies.

The national Bank of Egypt accounts are:


The only cash transaction allowed is for “ON SITE REGISTRATION” at the Annual EUA® Congress.

The EUA in accordance with “terms and conditions” on the front page of the EUA WEBSITE, is not held responsible for any financial settlements outside the above mentioned regulations.

Dr Ismail Osman Abdelhafeez, MD

EUA WEBSITE executive director:


Dear members and visitors, it was always a dream to have a modern online administration for all activities of the Egyptian Urological Association (EUA®), the board of directors was very enthusiastic to improve and modernize its services in all fields.

“Building” up the website to be competitive to international societies was the challenge, everyday was a battle, and each battle was fought to win.

Resources were limited, a national web designer company was chosen, as it was so enthusiastic to fight aside this battle.

Our hope was to submit the service to reach the door step of each urologist, rather than to wait for him to reach us.

It was an ordeal, this “Building” shall be strong only when – and I quote here, a statement by the “Legend” Nelson Mandela, when he Presided the Republic of South Africa by the termination of the Apartheid Regime –  “everyone should be a Brick in this Country”….. Egyptian Urologist should consider this statement.

Every Egyptian Urologist owns this website, your comments, criticisms, should enforce this “Building” to reach the sky.

Direct all your comments, ideas, requests, directly to:


Dr Ismail O. Abdelhafeez,MD

EUA WEBSITE executive director

The new edition of the Egyptian Journal of Urology

Dear colleagues Urologists, the soft run of the first edition online of the Egyptian Journal of Urology (EUAJ) is tested this month.
It included review articles as well as scientific articles. The aim was to get your feed-back on the production of the volume, your opinion is highly appreciated, do not be soft or gentle, we need to be better, through your guidance.

The submission shall be online, the codes and dynamics of this process is ready, however as it is linked to the online payment, we are obliged to postpone it till we get the authorization from the National Bank of Egypt, who is organizing all financial credits and debits of the EUA financial activities through the EUA WEBSITE®.

So, any article submission, for the time being, should be directed-only- through the official Email the Chief Editor:

Kindly adhere to the following regulations which are the cornerstone for publishing in the Egyptian Journal of Urology:




You can view the details of the above mentioned regulations by clicking on the front page, the EUA JOURNAL icon (top left), then click on the subicon: submit an article.


Dr Ismail O. Abdelhafeez, MD

Chief Editor of the Egyptian Journal of Urology.


The EUA board of Directors, is proud to announce that, the AUA program Committee shall include a scientific session to be held in the 2012 Annual meeting by the EUA.

September 6, 2011

………. The AUA Program Committee met recently and I am very pleased to inform you that your request to hold an Egyptian Urological Association program has been approved for AUA’s 2012 Annual Meeting………..

Gopal Badlani, M.D.

Secretary, AUA …………. click here to view full document

The steady and enthusiastic attendance, as well as the distinguished scientific contribution by the Egyptian Urologists over several decades, whether as visitors or resident practicing Urologists, endorsed by an enthusiastic, well planned, convincing campaign lead by the EUA Board President and Secretary, who’s perseverance yielded this fruitful achievement.

This puts a greater responsibility on the Egyptian Urologists to contribute more, by scientific high quality research or by regular attendance, to endorse this achievement.


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