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*Minia University Hospital, Minia Egypt.and **Dept of Urology Case western Reserve University, University hospiital Of Cleveland, Cleveland OH.

Aim of the study: The primary study end-point of this study was the determination of the prevalence of different types of serum testosterone deficiency in men presented for office evaluation of ED and low libido.

Patients and Methods: To determine the prevalence of differrent testosterone deficiency in men presented for office evaluation of their erectile dysfunction[ ED] ,total,free and % free serum testosterone levels were obtained from 69 patients presenting to out patients urology clinics at Urology Dept. Minia Uinversity Hospital Mini Egypt with a chief complaint of ED in the period between June 2008 and May 2010. Samples were drawn between 8-11 Hs in all patients. All men in this study had ED and low sex drive (libido), several validated questionnaires (SHIM and ADAM) were I filled in the office prior to the examination. Sixty nine men were included in this study with average age 63 (mean 56 ± 12) were evaluated over a 12 month period met criteria for inclusion. The patients completed these questionnaires in the office, prior to physician interview. All men had serum testosterone levels drawn. [total, free and % free testosterone]. Hypogonadism, defined as total serum T<300 mg/dl, free T<2.5 ng/dl or r < 4.50 ng /dl depending on the laboratory kits), and %free T <0.62ng/dl or < 4ng/dl).

Results: All 69 men had ED, with an average SHIM score of 11+, Low serum testosterone level (Hypogonadism) was seen in 28 patients out of 69 patients (40.57%); of those 28 men ,13 patients had low total testosterone (18.45%), 17 patients had low free testosterone (24.63%), and 11 patients had low % free testosterone level (15.94%). 6. While low libido was noted in 97% of men using ADAM questionnaire for the detection of men with low sex drive.

Conclusion: These data support the concept that male erectile dysfunction now must be considered in the office evaluation of male erectile dysfunction, all types of serum testosterone either total, free and % free shoud be put in mind for diagnosis of men with ED and low libido.



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