Evaluation of the results of Dornier Lithotripter S II system in the treatment of renal calculi

Mohamed Ramadan, Mohamed Mabrouk, Ismail El-Helaly, Ali Gomaa.
Department of Urology, Al-Azhar university hospital, Cairo, Egypt

The aim of work is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the Dornier lithotripter S II system in the treatment of renal calculi.

Patients and methods:
One hundred patients having renal stones who are candidates for  SWL treatment at Bab El-shaa’rya university Hospital, from Apr. 2010 to Mar. 2011, including 54 males and 46 females, ranging in age from 2.5 years to 67 years old (mean age: 40.2 years).

The initial fragmentation rate was 96%. The stone-free rate for stones of < 10 mm was 100%, for 11–20 mm was 87.6% and for > 20 mm was 75%. The overall stone-free rate 3 months after lithotripsy was 87%. After single session of lithotripsy, 48 patients (48%) became stone-free. Additional procedures to render patients stone-free after lithotripsy were needed in only 6 cases (6%). The stone-free rates for lower, upper, middle calyceal and renal pelvic calculi were 84%, 83.3%, 85.7% and 88.7%, respectively. Post SWL Complications, renal colic in (42%), Transient gross haematuria lasting 24 hours or less occurred in (33%) steinstrasse in (4%) of cases.

The size, position, and number of calculi had a significant impact on the outcome after SWL, Significant stone clearance was achieved in patients with single, pelvic stone (10-20 mm), Dornier lithotripter S II system is one of the  effective and safe means of stone disintegration.

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