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Between 1930 and 1940 The Speciality of Urology in Egypt developed separately by individual enthusiasm in two main centers, first Alexandria and then Cairo Universities.

The EUA was officially inaugurated on 1947 by Professor Dr Mahmoud Badr and his contemporary colleagues, he was elected the first President of the society then.

Over more than half a century the association membership grew progressively, in response to dedicated mutual commitment of both members and administration sharing the spirit and passion to serve the community and the urological care providers.

The Egyptian physician carries the heritage of health care since the dawn of history. As quoted from the free encyclopedia (Wikipedia), Imhotep on the
27th century BC (2655-2600 BC) “the one who comes in peace”, was an Egyptian polymath, who served under the Third Dynasty king, Djoser, as chancellor to the pharaoh and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis. He is considered to be the first architect and engineer and physician in early history. (referrence: Imhoteb, Wikipedia)

The slogan of the EUA is “The Spirit To Serve”. Our target, the patient and the urologist, wherever in Egypt or in any remote place of the universe.

The EUA website serves the urologist in all fields of urology, theoretical and practical, as well as the patient by giving him an access in a plain unbiased flow of awareness information about urologic diseases, as well as a dedicated task force to respond to his questions.

The EUA web shall offer the pharmaceutical firms and the medical technology companies to give a 24/7 flow of scientific material, that was always abbreviated throughout scattered scientific meetings over the year.

The EUA web shall offer the facility to pay any dues online through ultra safe and credible bank links allover the world.


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